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Hi. I've an 8 year old male LD (mini poodle x) that we got from a 'reputable' breeder. He has a number of health issues which the vet is unable to identify. They include:

  • hair loss around the eyes and crusting
  • skin/fur is constantly dirty
  • he's always rubbing, itching and biting various places on his body....esp round the upper base tail area, where there is scabbing/scaling, but it's difficult to know if his biting is causing that or if's a primary symptom

He's wormed, treated for flees regularly and, as far as we know, we do everything to keep him healthy. We've tried:
  • no chicken diet
  • no wheat diet
  • bathing regularly

We're at a loss on what to do next and the vet (actually 2 different practices) don't seem to know what to do either. For full disclosure, he also has constant ear problems, but from what I've read that's an LD inner ear hair issue.
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