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Labradoodle coat

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Hi, I have a labradoodle F1 and we purchased him from a farm when he was 4 months old. He had a straight black coat, but he is now 16 months and he is starting to turn brown on his face, end of ears. He also has some silver hairs plus he is going very wavy. His coat is getting quite thick especially around his shoulders. We have trimmed his face and ears a couple of times but don't know whether to get him trimmed all over. I keep brushing him, and I get a lot of hair out but his coat around his shoulders is still very thick. Does anyone have any suggestions. Thanks
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many of the blacks turn brown on their mouth or other places they lick (paws etc)... I think its a reaction from their saliva.

Our Sammy was black to start, then began to silver around 6 months. Now at 9 months shes a dark gray.

My guess is that if your dog were going to silver he would have started earlier, but maybe he will just have some "highlights" :)

Here are Sammy's coat change pics:
3 months, very black:

6 months, getting lighter:

9 months, definitely no longer black:

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awww thanks! We did give her a summer cut so shes not in full shaggy glory but it really brough out the silver when we cut most of the black off! The change was pretty dramatic when we picked her up! LOL
So very cute!! I love to see the changes. How did you post the pictures?
you type the following all in order without spaces or returns or anything

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Hello, welcome!
Kelly is right, your dog is probably pretty close to what the adult coat will look like. However, the silvering process takes about 3 years to complete so it could change a bit more.
The shedding may get less, but probably will continue throughout your dog's adult life.
Sure hope that you will post pictures!

Here's some photo's of Bryn :

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You can click Edit in the top right corner of your post to try to fix the pics!

Thanks for the pictures of Sammy, its great to see the coat changes. We have decided to have Bryn clipped, so I am sure he will look quite different after his clip. Gill

Here's some photo's of Bryn :

Before Haircut:

After Haircut:

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Oh my goodness, he's adorable! I love his haircut. That scenery is gorgeous. Is that near where you live?
Bry in lovely scenery

The scenery where Bryn was photographed is at Dolgellau in Mid Wales. In the background is the Cader Idris and Lakes, We live in Derby but have a static caravan in Dolgellau Wales, so we spend a lot of time there. Bryn loves it and feels at home as he was born in wales and spent his first 4 months there.
Hi Cooper,

Bryn is gorgeous.
We have a 16 wk old pup and live in South Derbyshire between Derby and Burton.
It's nice to see there are more doodles in the area :D
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