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labradoodle coast question

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I am currently looking at a F1 puppy. mom is a black lab, dad is a cream standard poodle. Puppy is a white/cream color. the puppy's fur looks very straight and lab like. will this eventually change into a wavy soft coat as the puppy grows older? Would hope to see some pics of straight hair puppys and now as older adults!


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Multi Gen is the only way to go. People breed them f1s on the back porch, You will never get a health guarantee with those. They are very prone to being mean and have hip and disease problems. True Labradoodles will have an Australian bloodline and are the sweetest pets to own. And be ALA Registered. American Labradoodle Association, Mine came from I just checked them out and they have retired. So sad to see that, Such nice people, They were both school teachers with a hobby.
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