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So we got our labradoodle 2 weeks ago while he was 14 weeks old from a farm in PA. He’s been so pleasant and adjusting to the house, first week we had not issue except crate training had its ups and downs. (Had never used a crate before) we don’t keep him in the crate throughout the day as I work from work home. This week he’s started to show a new behavior that’s scaring me a little. He’s completely fine and all of sudden the last 2 days he starts to climb on the cough and charge at me, bark, and try to bite me. He refused to listen when he gets like this and he started to direct this behavior to my boys too. I took him outside and let him calm down but I’m worried. He’s also had 2 poop accidents in the house when the whole first week he was on a good schedule and no accidents in the house at all. The puppy blues and now this behavior has me hanging by a thread.
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