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Knock on Wood - what's the next step for housebreaking?

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Good morning - hope everyone had a great weekend!!

Yesterday we finally had a day with no accidents in the house! Our puppy is 11 weeks old and we have had him for 1 1/2 weeks. He's had approx 3 accidents (pee or poop) each day until yesterday. The trick for us is to tether him or crate him when in the house. He doesn't need to be tethered to me but he is tethered in the same room. He will not go in the go in the house if tethered or crated but as soon as he has a tiny bit of freedom he takes advantage of it as we've learned.

We will continue as we are and hope for more success. My question is this: what is the next step and how do we start to give him more freedom from being leashed in the house? When do we know he is ready for less leash time? I was thinking of doubling the length of the leash first, but then what? I don't want him tethered in the house forever. I feel quite bad that he can't run around when we are home (but I do realize this is part of training).

Thanks everyone!
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My best advice for housebreaking is to praise, praise, praise when he goes outside. Until Uma was 6 months or so my husband and I would seriusly go crazy when she peed or pood outside. She loved it and it was VERY effective for us.
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