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Kahlua Had a Haircut-We can See His Eyes!

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Oh...nice. he looks great :wink:

We all learn by trial and is one of my errors

Poor Tanner

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I guess I should clarify....that was a year ago February...I think Tanner's first haircut after we got him :twisted:
Boy did that bring back memories, Annie.... :wink:

Megan, Kahlua looks great....bows and all!
Megan, he looks gorgeous !

Tanner, do you know your Mommy is posting funny pics of you :shock:
Kahlua looks sooooo good!!!!

and annie, that pic still makes me giggle, poor tanner hahhaaa
he looks very handsome!! (and quite proud) :)
like a big teddy bear!
Annie, please tell Tanner that Toby had that same "mistake" last year! :p
I have to say this is good for me. I like seeing all the pictures of the doodles with hair cuts. It helps me with what I want to tell the groomer for Cacao on Friday.
so many pictures..i see where they shaved the right leg to insert the
IV just befor their nueturing or spaying.. :lol:
How cute! Chip is scheduled for his first trip tot he groomer on May 5, so then we'll finally see just what lurks under that Bob Marley "DO" he has going on right now.

OMG Annie, I cracked up when I saw that photo. That's priceless!
OMG AnnieG, you should have warned me before you posted that picture!

I just spit coffee all over my moniter! How Funny! :lol:

Your right, poor Tanner!
He reminds me of Barkley, fuzzy and black!

Barkley is living thru a "mistake" right now. He is ok with the short hair (I think he likes it) but I miss my fuzzy boy. I posted earlier to find out what size blade I could use next time to prevent him from being so short the next time. OOPS!!!
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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