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Just Curious, Oldest Doodle??????

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Ok gang, Labradoodles are a relatively newer breed as far as it's popularity. Marley is just a little 15 months, so I know he is not the oldest Doodle here. Not even close.

I don't know if it has ever been spoken about before or not but who does have the oldest Doodle. Beats me!! If ya think you are in contention for the honor, include years, month and days. It may come down to being that close.

And the oldest is??????????
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Max is going on 26mos and peanut almost 20mos
soooooooooooo WHO"S got the OLDEST DOODLE? :?:
Shannon(Phantom-Star) said:
I am sure not the oldest doodle, but the oldest this far. :lol:
Star is 5 yrs and 4 mos, and Phantom will be 4 Nov. 23rd.
OK...we're up to 5yrs and 4mos old
so far shannon is in #1 place
1 - 2 of 30 Posts
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