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Jumping up

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Our 7 month old Labradoodle, Magic still jumps up on us as well as people who come to the house. does anyone have suggestions? we've tried a lot of things, and are now just ignoring Magic until he stops. I don't know how well it will work in the long run.
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I too am having the same problem with Tucker--almost 7 months. We too ignore him but we learned in puppy kindergarten to use the term "Too Bad" whenever he doesn't respond to any command. It seems to work because he knows when he hears it whatever he is getting ready to do or is doing is appubtly coming to a halt. Even if we are playing fetch, he likes to try to play tug-o-war instead of drop. All I have to say is "Too BAd" and turn and walk away. It is very effective if your guests will also do this as they come in. I ask them to say "too Bad" and turn away from him. After a few seconds when he settles down, they turn back around and put their hands about knee level and it encourages Tucker to only approach them at that level. Of course it only works if your guest wants to love on your doodle. But thats right there isn't anyone who wouldn't want doodle kisses when they come in. Even though it's great to have a happy jumping doodle who is glad when you come home, it has worked for us to only start loving on him if he doesn't jump up. Of course it only takes a "Too Bad " about one time and they and myself have to have that lovin fix.
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