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The hard part is getting company to help you. Explain to them that although they dont mind, you need their help to train good behavior. When a dog jumps on a person they get three things: a push or a pat - both physical contact, spoken to or yelled at - both verbal contact, and eye contact. It is these things that the dog looks for, wether in a positive form or negative. One thing that often works is to have your company turn their back at the door when the dog goes to jump. Eventually the dog will sit. Than have the company turn toward the dog if he goes to jump turn your back again (and do not speak to the dog or correct him verbably). When your dog has all four feet on the ground than you can praise him or have company praise him. It takes time but it does work for some. Sticking out a knee works for some as well but the dog is still getting a physical contact, verbalization, and eye contact.

I had a shepherd that would claw my back when i turned around. I had to change what I was doing to: when she would jump I would grab her pays and start slightly squeezing until she yelped. At the same time I would be talking to her in a nice tone. She learned it was uncomfortable and soon kept her feet on the ground.

It also helps to work on sitting and staying when you open the door with no one there. I like to use clicker training to start with, b/c I find the dogs learn so fast with positive reinforcement.

I had company last night and she came from work with her white pants on. When she came to the door there was a big paw print on her leg. I am still working on my puppy. He is learning but still gets excited!
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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