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I did camando doggie trainig and he taught us two behaviors...
1.We put our dog on the prong collar...He would come up to us and pat his chest and do everything to get the dog to jump on him...If they started to jump we would pull on the prong collar and correct with a "off command "...they quikly learned not to jump on others even when encouraged..He would have a treat ...and do everything and they would just look at him and tilt their heads by the end of class.

I also find when I take my dog on walk ...I make her laydown for small children to pet her ...they see a little kid now and they want to lay down and roll on thier backs to get a pet. ...

It takes a lot of time and patience...and its probably going to be six or seven months before you see consistent behavior ...
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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