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My husband is going bananas!!!! He says I need to train Lucca to stop jumping on people who come over to visit. Lucca (almost 8 mths old) goes crazy when people come over. She can't stop jumping on them (and has even scratched a couple of kids in the face!) She just gets so excited to see people...but, it's really a problem. She doesn't care if people put their knees out to stop her, if she gets pushed down, or even if she gets hit. I try to just hold on to her collar and tell her no jump. This really doesn't work.

After the visitors are here for awhile she is fine..and very calm.

Any ideas? My husband insists I TRAIN her appropriately...not sure what else I can do. Any advise or similar stories would help. Do you think she will grow out of the jumping up?
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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