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July Chicago Romp

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Is there a date for the July Doodle Romp? :lol:
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No date yet! I've been so busy with school and work that I haven't even answered all of the e-mails asking when the next romp is! Oops! It's gotta be a Sunday this time... I promise by the end of this week I'll have a date! I can't wait to meet the new puppies!

Bridget, Summer, and Duke
Can't wait to meet all the new pups! Here is a link to some posts about a previous romp. We all just do an informal get together and let the doodles play. It is a lot of fun! ... ght=#16087
Doodle Romp scheduled for Sunday, July 30th! Check your e-mail for the notice- silly me forgot to type in a subject so I just sent 70 e-mails that all say "no subject"- darn it!!! If you have any questions, e-mail me at [email protected]

Bridget, Summer, and Duke
We will have to see everyone in August, we won't be able to make it. :cry: Have a great time!
Just a reminder to anyone who missed it. The next romp is Sunday, July 30th at 11 AM in Wauconda, IL. If anyone would like more info, please e-mail me at [email protected] Thanks!

Bridget, Summer, and Duke
I was wondering if the Romp was cancelled due to the heat? If not how was it? We were out of town and did not know that it had gotten so hot until we came back, we had no TV or radio in the mountains. Is there a date for the Aug. Romp?
Hi Lisa! We didn't cancel, but it was very hot and stormy! It didn't rain while we were romping, but it wasn't a good day! We didn't have a big turnout because a lot of people were on vacation, and the weather was so icky. No date for the August romp yet... it's hard with school starting and everything!

Bridget, Summer, and Duke
Thanks Bridget maybe the end of September would be better. Hope everyone who was there had fun! :lol:
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