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Jorja's haircut

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Sunday evening I found my husband in the garage with the scissors cutting Jorja's hair. We had discussed getting her hair trimmed and I have to admit I showed him some of the 'poodle' cuts that your Doodles ended up with and he said that wasn't happening to his puppy. Jorja's hair was all different lengths so it was a good idea to tidy her up a bit. Well, this is what we have. She doesn't look like the same dog! I'll be glad when it grows out some. She's still the same goofy thing so I know I have the right dog running around. Poor thing needs clothes. :cry:

Jorja at Christmas time

Jorja now:

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I think he did a good job! Her face looks wonderful, her body looks good, just maybe a little too short on her legs? But overall, fabulous for a first timer!!!!
Nice job! She must have sat pretty still for him, I don't see any whoops!! :lol:
Marty she looks cute! Your husband did a great job!
WOW, not at all what I expected to see :eek: Your hubby did a great job :!: I'd hate to see my dogs if my hubby ever decided to give them a trim :shock:
I think she looks great, too. I really like her head. I think it's always hard to adjust to a new haircut, but, after I get used to it, I like it.
I think your hubby can start a new business, haircut looks great!!!
Thank you all. My husband thinks she looks great. :? I'm still trying to adjust to it. I liked her long dreadlocks. Hopefully, it will grow fast. At least, it's somewhat more even now then it was before. She had almost bare spots where she had ran around the toilet and her sides hit the plumbing each time. (She's too big now) Then on the top of her head the hair was probably 4-5".

Jorja sat really still. She loves her bathes. I have to admit that she's mellowing some too. I've seen a difference in her in the last few weeks. My puppy is growing up. :cry: Time to get another one :?:
Hahaha, it's just a matter of time Marty :D :D Have you admitted to being a doodleholic :?: We can't help you until you admit it to yourself. Of course, I don't mean help you with your addiction, but help you in finding another DOODLE :lol: :lol: :lol:
Well Marty, with the short new haircut, you even have more room for that new doodle, huh? :wink:
Hi, I'm Marty and I'm a Doodleholic. :lol: I don't see myself of ever curtailing this addition which is just fine with me.

I think your husband did a fantastic job! Jorja is absolutely adorable. Lexi wants to know if he will cut her hair? Is he taking appointments?

As for the doodleaholic thing. If you don't attend the 12 step meetings at Annemaries house, you can't expect to begin the recovery process.

So just accept your addiction, and get another doodle!

Maddie and Lexi
Sure Lexie, how about this Saturday? Come on over any time. My husband would be honored. :)
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