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Jail Break

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I went out tonight and left Maya baby gated in the kitchen. I was only gone about 2 hours and when I got home I had a very proud doodle waiting for me by the door. I checked the whole house and damage, no accidents. I was very proud of her but at 4.5 months I think it was more of a fluke than her behaving!!!
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Fluke is right!!!!!! hahahaha...they seem like little angels when they're little, and they are, but when 8-12 months rolls around..WATCH OUT!!!!!!! Put anything of value WAY up high out of tooths....books....anything you value!!! :shock: hahaha....good girl Maya!!!! You have your mama fooled for the moment! :wink:
You know, Napa had a jail break today, as well. Anthony left him in his portable crate because he "didn't have time to put the other crate together to leave him in the crate." Well, he also thought that it would be a good idea to leave the top unzipped partially..... Now, we have a overstuffed pillow in there, so he's almost as tall as the crate when he stands in the middle of the pillow..... so.... he hopped out and met Anthony at the door. and surprisingly nothing was destroyed and no accidents! Must have been a good day for our little ones!
Doodles are complete angels at young ages hahhahaa wait till they hit 9mos old heh heh heh hahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Well Maya and Napa sound like they were well behaved other than breaking out of jail.

I have found doodles to be very coniving, have to watch them, they can act so grown up and innocent, then wham, they are into something :lol:

I still laugh when I come across the picture of peanut blatanly climbing out of her xpen in front of her Mom - too cute
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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