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i've been at my wits end with maggie lately; she's almost 4 months and she's out of control. she's been snatching food off the table, grabbing towels off the kitchen counter, (still) tackling my son, etc etc.

i've found myself yelling at her *all* the time and i was just sick of it (i don't WANT to yell at her! i love her!). i remembered that someone posted on here that pennies in a can or a bottle works wonders so i tried.

holy. moly. it works so well it's scary. i put a few pennies in the bottom of an empty water bottle and when she tried to take my son's waffles off the kitchen table, i tossed it at her. she freaked out and ran away to hide. lol! it was so cute. but she hasn't gone near the table again :)

i just tossed it at her when she tried to bite my son's socks off (she loves to do that. i don't know why) and she immediately ran away and sat by my feet.

it works! it works! i'm so happy that something so simple (and something that won't hurt her) works so well.

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