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Is this normal?

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This is an anal gland question......I read up on past forum posts and I just have a few questions for those that have dealt with this before. Is the strong fishy smell normal or a sign that there is something wrong? and is leaking normal? Our puppy is 4months old and has normal poopies, nice and firm and has never scooted her behind or been caught licking it - so no reason to believe there is blockage. I noticed past forum talk about food allergies causing problems, but I am I wrong to think this is because the BM is not properly formed and there is loose stool? ..or is it known that specific dietary contents cause more anal gland fluid?

Here is our story: Our pup got into some burdocks in her hair at the park so my husband and I teamed up to remove them from her paws and face. We luckily had just bought a beef knuckle bone that she is insanely crazy about so I held it in my hand with her bum on my lap while she nawed like crazy on it while my husband brushed the burs out of her muzzle (she was very content to naw the bone and ignore the hair pulling). Next thing I know we smell this awful smell ...we thought she tooted but when she lifted her bum there were two spots on my pants and it wasn't urine. Our research led us to believe this was anal gland fluid since it distinctly smelled like fish and was very foul smelling.

What I am wondering is if this event was normal, an isolated incident, or a sign that she may have a problem with her glands? We have a vet visit in a week so I will ask her then but in the meantime I thought I would ask the forum....

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Dex has had to have his glands expressed many times...he has gotten better with age. The smell you describe is what we smell on him. Some people do not agree with getting a vet to express them...but our vet started doing it so we continue with it.

This probably isn't much help, but I'd talk to your vet.
Dogs will do this if under stress like a big scare. Maybe the bone wasn't distracting him enough while getting his hair pulled?
Tanner did this on Sunday when my daughter came to visit. He just got so excited and when we asked him to sit before he could greet he, they let loose. :eek: :eek:
hmmm...this has me thinking. I smelled the same fishy smell from Kirby recently and I started wondering if he was having gland issues. Maybe he expressed them himself (from a time of being overly excited/stressed/scared/etc) and I'm smelling that.
I think Cinsmom is right - everything seems to be normal since that incident and this has never been noticed before. I'll mention it at the vet's but I bet she was just a little stressed with all the excitement with the new bone that I was not fully giving her and my husband pulling the burs out of her hair.

Thanks for your input!
Just wanted to let you all know that the Vet said it was normal. She recommended rubbing alcohol to remove the smell if it ever happens again.
Check this video about Anal Glands ... glands.htm

Never had this problem but I ran across this.
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