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Is this a good Doodle deal?

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I've fell in love with Doodles ever since I saw a special on Tv. Ever since I've always wanted one. Well I've been doing some searching and I think I have found the one I want. Can anyone tell me if the price and everything fits the pup?

$2600 Choc wool multi-gen labradoodle pup 9 weeks.
Pup comes with the following :
- Pedigrees
- health guarantee 2 yrs (hereditary diseases that effect the quality of life)
- microchip and ID number
- veterinary cert of early spay or neuter
- Registration & transfer papers for LAA
- socialization
- beginning crate and potty training
- on going support for life of pup

Its mom is CoCo a A3 choc wool
Its dad is Titian a AFL6 red spiral fleece
parents on both mom and dad are from Tegan Manor Park.

I just want to make sure Im getting a ok deal. The puppies are beautiful and I really like the breeder. thanks christina
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Hi Christina, congratulations on doing your homework before you buy! I think that this sounds perfect! But...I caution you to also ask a LOT of will want to see that the parents were tested and SEE the results (not take their word for it) and you will want to see the pedigree to look for inbreeding.
Also ask about the health warranty...often it is vague (out of necessity) and so you want to pin it down...what do they consider to be a serious genetic disease? Life threatening? Costly? Painful?
Also check references... past customers, their vet, etc.
It does sound like a reasonable price ($100 more than the going rate for multigens, but then there may be a reason for that...)
Be sure to let us know when you get your baby! I'd love to see a picture...chocolate doods are among my favorites!
It is a good indication that the breeder is doing things correctly. Still, you want to not rely on it completely because they suggest that we do certain things, but don't do anything to actually enforce the rules.
LAA is a good organization and usually member breeders are reputable...just keep doing that homework! :wink:
I agree with is great to know that you are doing so much to be sure that you are ready! Congratulations!
When you get your baby, be sure and post pictures!
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