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Is this a good Doodle deal?

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I've fell in love with Doodles ever since I saw a special on Tv. Ever since I've always wanted one. Well I've been doing some searching and I think I have found the one I want. Can anyone tell me if the price and everything fits the pup?

$2600 Choc wool multi-gen labradoodle pup 9 weeks.
Pup comes with the following :
- Pedigrees
- health guarantee 2 yrs (hereditary diseases that effect the quality of life)
- microchip and ID number
- veterinary cert of early spay or neuter
- Registration & transfer papers for LAA
- socialization
- beginning crate and potty training
- on going support for life of pup

Its mom is CoCo a A3 choc wool
Its dad is Titian a AFL6 red spiral fleece
parents on both mom and dad are from Tegan Manor Park.

I just want to make sure Im getting a ok deal. The puppies are beautiful and I really like the breeder. thanks christina
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Hi ChocDoodleCrazy :D When do you get your multi? It's so great that you will have a 4 legged buddy to enjoy all those fun things together :) Doodles are the BEST!!!!
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