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Cody is 12wks old. He has been on Iams Smart Puppy food. We are pretty rural and I can only find the Iams in Large Breed or Smart Puppy. I haven't found any Large Breed Puppy food. Is it better to keep him on the puppy food for a year or to switch him to the adult food? My breeder had said to finish the bag she sent and then switch to the Large Breed. I'm just confused. I know Cody needs the extra nutrition now but I've also heard that puppy food can cause rapid growth that is dangerous in large breeds. Can someone give me some advice? I'm going to check the feed stores around here as well. I know there is a good dog/cat food supply place about 45 minutes away but I don't know what they carry. I'll give them a call as well. Any input is appreciated.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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