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I have been reading scattered reports of problems with dry food. These are some posts from this website:

This is outrageous, now my dog just died. Less than 24 hours after reading these post and posting a few myself. 4 year old Airedale, piture purfect purbred with no health problems. Opened a new bag of food on thursday, she would not eat saturday but was active enough to not alarm me or my family. Monday am she was in the back yard having trouble walking, called vet, walked her in the garage, she layed down on warm pad and we started fluids. Vet said, bring her in in the morning if she makes it through the night. She did not. THEY STILL ARENT TALKING ABOUT THE DRY FOOD YET. LET ME TELL YOU, THEY WILL AND MY VET SAY THE WILL HAVE TO REAL SOON. THEY ARE TREATING OTHER CASES AND SOME ARE RELATED TO DRY FOOD. I WAS USING ***IAMS DRY, GREEN BAG, RICE AND LAMB AND SOME FREE OF CHARGE, POISON WITCH WAS ADDED BY ACCIDENT AND HIDDEN FROM THE ONLY PEOPLE THAT COULD HAVE SAVED OUR ANIMALS, US. AND YES WE HAVE BEEN MISLED, DUPPED, LIED TO AND WORST OF ALL THEY MURDERED OUR PETS. JUST AS BEFORE IN JANUARY OF 2006. READ ALL ABOUT IT AT THE CORNELL UNIVERSITY...

[84] Posted by: MikeKeen | March 20, 2007 1:20 AM
I'm the admin for and we've been covering the recall for several days. We're looking to test DRY pet food for the presence of ethylene glycol, which is a hard-to-detect chemical that causes rapid kidney failure in pets.

We read several comments that suggest a link to pet deaths from DRY food. If your pet died from eating what you suspect is contaminated dry food, we would like a sample for testing by a third party.

Please let me know if you are interested in overnighting your suspected DRY pet food to [email protected]

[107] Posted by: benhuh | March 20, 2007 4:20 PM

Has anyone's pet suffered kidney failure after eating Iams dry food? My dog has been recently diagnosed with early renal failure and he was eating dry Iams Lamb and Rice. I am not confident the dry food was not also contaminated to a lesser extent.

He showed many symptoms described - he would refuse to eat the Iams food, he would throw up, act lethargic, etc. Now he drink tons of water, which is consistent with compromised kidneys.

He should survive, but his quality of life might be diminished.

Spom in CA

[110] Posted by: spom | March 20, 2007 4:53 PM
CORRECTION: If you are interested in helping us with looking into the dry food possibility (see comment 107), please email us at [email protected] (email address was misposted).


[129] Posted by: benhuh | March 21, 2007 2:16 AM
Dry food, everyone is asking about dry food. I have something to share about that. I had a mixed lab dog named Buster. He was my child, my companion, and my friend. I loved my dog with all of my heart. I took him to the vets in Sept 06 for annual testing and all was good (his kidneys were functioning normally). But on Dec 17 he became lethargic and sick, I took him immediately to the vets that monday and on Tues they got the results back and he was in kidney failure. 80% of his kidneys not functioning. The vet was shocked and began the conversation with 'Chris, I didn't expect this and don't know how to tell you but...' Buster died that Saturday, December 23rd. As I write this, I am crying. So, you are wondering what he ate? Beneful dry food. You can't tell me there isn't more to this story! Coincidence? Maybe, but I don't think so. My dog was running around Dec 16th and one week later he died. If ANYONE has any info regarding this, please let me's tearing me apart.

[137] Posted by: christine | March 21, 2007 10:55 AM
Hi please see my story post #137. Please do us all a favor and CALL THE FDA with your story regardless of whether your food is on the list or not. They called me back and it seems are investigating DRY food=but you must call so they know the extent of the problem. ok, i can't post the link here but it is, just follow the links for Complaint Coordinators.
Please do it for all of us and our babies!!!

[184] Posted by: christine | March 22, 2007 11:51 AM
My sympathy to each of you as we all figure out what is going on. As an update to post #256…we went to the vet today. My darling Lexi has lost 5 lbs since Mon, which was our last vet trip for our current illness. I will know the blood work by Mon. She is a Rotweiller, but still, this is too much...and she didn't loose the weight by exercise. Again, my 3 angels have made it v. clear to me that they will not eat their dry IAMS... we noticed their boycott this past weekend b/c we changed from free-feeding to scheduled eating, per the recommended amounts/wt. So, have my dogs been trying to tell me something for a longer period of time? I see a dramatic difference in their energy and moods w/in only 24 hrs of food-brand change, though. Oh, today I learned that Lexi's blood show's diminished thyroid capabilities now. This has never been a problem. Could it be related to the great food scare? Rat poison? Antifreeze? What are the effects? I have now spent >$600 in the past 5 days. I will post with further updates.

P.S. A phone call was placed to IAMS yesterday, obvious reasons. The gentleman had to call us back. He was fortunate to get the machine when he did… ironically, when we called **** back today, he had taken the day off, and they (IAMS) would only allow us to speak to him…no cell phone number to reach him this weekend, though. No additional people to talk to. Just ****. I will never buy IAMS again. PERIOD.

Good luck to each of you. Again, if you haven't already, please, have your animals tested, and furthermore, tell everyone you know about this. Be PROACTIVE!! Even more so, there are still many people unaware of the wet-food recall.

[287] Posted by: Tammy | March 24, 2007 12:00 AM
On Feb 26, I bought a new bag of IAMS Lamb Meal and Rice DRY dog food. My Basset Hound ate it for about a week. On Thurdsay March 8 he vomited a slimey watery fluid at least 3 times before I got him to the vet. The vet thought he had pancreatitis. He died at 2am Saturday March 10.
Prior to that he was a healthy happy guy, my best friend and only family, I miss him terribly.

[288] Posted by: 4Woofer | March 24, 2007 12:31 AM
So, a dog, that is not mine, that I am very close to and see everyday, is now sick. All he eats is Nutro Dry. He is throwing up and cant seem to make it to the yard. I will find out what the ver said this afternoon. Mike Keen, where those any of the signs you saw?

[373] Posted by: lacy | March 26, 2007 5:40 PM
Update to post #256 and #287. As a recap, my 3 dogs ate only dry IAMS. These are our facts:
1) started new bag
2) 3/16/07 a.m. Switched from free feeding to scheduled feeding
3) 3/16/07 p.m. I noticed that all three bowls were still full-original food, but they were drinking a lot of water
4) 3/16/07 Lexi (110lb Rotweiller) comes down with terrible cough-like she is choking
5) a few days go by with limited dry food eating, but a lot of begging for human food-IAMS is not yet a suspect
6) 3/19 I bring L. (110 lbs still) to the vet $300 for chest x-ray, ect to figure out why she is gagging- ALOT- still hadn't subsided. She stayed the day at the vet, sent home w/antibiotics...perhaps it is an infection-IAMS is not yet a suspect
7) 3/20 Buddy starts gagging/coughing, is later put on the same antibiotics
8) 3/21-22 I did a lot of research online about the food recall, and became v. concerned for each of my dog's well being…they still weren't touching their IAMS. They were now on a people-food diet. By this point, I was suspect of IAMS, so I rather they eat my food.
9) We changed to another brand food-the dogs ate it up QUICK!! V. suspect of IAMS now.
10) 3/23 I brought my 3 to the vet for blood cultures. Lexi's weight was down 5 lbs from only 5 days ago. I also found out that her thyroid is under producing. Hypothyroidism. More pills.
11) 3/26 Blood cultures came back OK. 2 of 3 dogs are still coughing. Lexi's coughing a little, Buddy's still coughing a lot.
12) They have been IAMS free (officially) for 4 days...their health will be closely monitored
13) 3/26 I spoke with IAMS representative about our saga. They will have to call me back after getting the details...they are not sure how soon due to the volume of calls they are handling and limited resources. Otherwise, each question I asked received a v. scripted answer, all in line with what IAMS will officially say. They are not concerned with my case b/c we ate the dry food. IAMS is "unaware" of any other dry food concerns.


[382] Posted by: Tammy | March 26, 2007 10:00 PM

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this is so terrible and scary. Dex apparently is having allergies on his nutro so we're switching him anyway. I think we're going to try the canidae since others have had good luck with it.

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Linda, thank you for putting this into one successive post. There are so many more stories to add to this. Not all of the dogs die, thank God, but it seems that they are not part of the "consideration process" in all of this. All I know is that MY puppy almost died, eating dry Eukanuba Weaning Diet.
I will call the FDA and see if, by chance, they are interested in testing the foods that made dogs/cats terribly is by luck, chance and good fortune that we caught it early enough to make a difference and save a life...but now the question will this affect the survivors, long term? Will there be kidney damage that follows them throughout a shortened life span?
I am sorry, but I believe that those of you who have been dealing with vomiting dogs and loose stools, who have taken their dogs to vets for x-rays, stool samples and testing, who have been told, "We don't really know the cause, but fluids and/or antibiotics are helping..." I say to you...reconsider this. If you were feeding any of the foods on the list (dry especially) think about it. Think about how well your dog/cat got when you started to feed your pet a homemade batch of food...just think about it. Don't the symptoms fit what is being said here?
Thank goodness our dogs/puppies survived...but it doesn't end there.
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