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Irritated bottom and trimming fur under tail

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How do you trim the fur under the tail for sanitary reasons? Lani had some poop stuck in her fur today that irritated her bottom something terrible. The skin is very red and she keeps licking and whinning. I have used some vasaline to help sooth the skin. It seemed to have worked for a while but now she is just laying and whinning and licking herself (almost frantically!) :cry: Any other suggestions? I feel so bad for her. :(
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I use a small clipper and clip away the hair under her tail, it keeps things much neater. Have someone help you hold her while you do it or if she is more comfortable having you hold her, have someone else do the clipping. If all else fails, I'm sure your vet would do it for a small price of course :wink:
Thanks we will give it a try. She got up this morning and threw up all the hair she ripped out last night. She still seems uncomfortable. :(
Hi Lisa...poor Lani...

My dogs often get poop stuck on their behinds...and although they want it off, rarely do they lick at it until it is raw and always they stop when it is cleaned it makes me wonder if you are dealing with another issue.

I clip my dog's hair with husband holds them and keeps their tail lifted, I clip! Works well for us...but, of course, you do want to be very careful that you don't get skin!

You don't need to clip all of the hair, just trim it close enough that the poop won't cling.

I'd check with the vet if the rash just sounds to me like it could be something else...

What about using an e-collar for a few days?

Good luck!
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I use soapy water and a sponge it does the trick and gives the dog comfort
Thanks everyone, Lani seems to be doing better. I took her in to be weighed today and to get some free advice. :) One of the girls quickly checked her out and said we could try neosporin if the vasaline did not work. She just looked irritated.
Oh, that's is always a relief to know that the vet (or someone from the vet's office) has checked it out...hope she is feeling better soon.
hi, I'm glad you got some good help for Lani.
We have the WAHL clippers and Jac, I wonder if they might be easier and safer than trying to navigate the rear quarters with scissors <?> They have movable blades and for about $25 you can find them at Walmart. You could put the 1/4" attachment on them and safely get a "sanitary clip" as they say at our groomers shop.
Thanks Maureen, we actually have the Wahl clippers, we bought them to cut my son's hair about 4 years ago they were the same as the human clippers but a lot cheaper! He doesn't want to buzz his head any more so they will be Lani's now! There is no going back once they trim her back side!!! :lol: LOL

We take the blades to be sharpened, and then I used the BLADES (only) on our boys' heads. Whew! They didn't know!

But seriously, at the price of grooming a pair of clippers is a good thing to have on hand. You buy new ones after every grooming and STILL save money!
I agree that clippers are a much safer and better choice...but my dogs are very jumpy when they are on. They won't hold still and when you even get close, they start to squirm...I have tried two different brands (one only around $80, the other over $200) and even have the battery operated hand held kind that you can hide in your palm...nope...they are not fooled!
I have not had trouble with the sissors, but I realize the dangers...and would not recommend others to use sissors...I agree that clippers are a much better choice!
Jacque, you are right about the jumpy reaction to the clippers...because we started out with poodles they weren't an option tho. And one thing we discovered was REALLY helpful: if John would lay the vibrating clippers next to the skin PRIOR to clipping that area it somehow helped them or prepare our dogs for the next step, which was actually using the clippers. Does that make sense to anyone? Just letting them feel the vibration was a kind of prep for the area he was clipping to reduce the startled reaction.
i've also found baby wipes help with the cleaning- i use regular ones...
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