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Introducing Jorja!

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I'm new here but had to introduce you to my little girl. Jorja was born on New Year's Eve. She is a mini. She currently weighs around 13 pounds.

We got her from Labradoodles by Janda in Augusta, KS. She flew to Seattle, WA on February 23rd. We also have an 11 year old Border Collie that isn't real keen on the new little one yet. I'm not sure that's going to change though since it's already been two months. :cry:

I'm so happy I found this forum. :D

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Welcome, and oh my, what a cutie you have there!!!!
Welcome Marty :D Jorja is just the CUTEST. We look forward to seeing and hearing more about Jorja.
Jorja is absolutely adorable! Hope to hear more about your new LD!
What a sweet sweet face! I love chocolates, as you can see at the link below. Welcome to the forum. You will find a bunch of great people here. And doodles, too!
Welcome Marty and Jorja! Wow, she is a stunning beauty!
I love chocolates too...ane her coloring is really perfect. I am very happy for you and pleased to see you joining our group!
Thank you all for the welcomes. I haven't had a puppy for 13 years so this has been interesting but fun. I feel like I have a two year old child again! Jorja is learning so fast though. I work from home so I am with her constantly. OK, my husband has already brought her into bed with us to sleep. I wasn't ready for that but she loves it and it's wonderful to cuddle with her.

I've so much enjoyed reading so many of the posts and viewing all your Doodles pictures. They are wonderful. I see a few others from Kansas (where I grew up) and also Washington state. Most people don't know what Labradoodles are but they are the best kept secret> :D

I love that "they are the best kept secret" :) How true :!: I always say it is hard to describe to someone the effect a Labradoodle has on you, you just don't really know until you own one. What part of Kansas did you grow up in? I am in the very southeastern part of Kansas, we've only been here since '94. We moved here from Colorado. I'm glad you have found our little corner of the world here on this forum, it's a great place to be :!:
Welcome to the forum, lot's of great advice. What a cutie
Hi Dixiedi,

I'm quickly finding out how incredibly lovable these dogs are! I love my Border Collie but she isn't the people pleaser that my Labradoodle is. My Border Collie likes to be by herself most of the time which makes me sad. I want my dog to be my shadow and Jorja definitely is that. :lol: My velcro dog :!:

My husband and I grew up in Russell, KS which is in the center of the state on I-70. We moved out to Washington state in 1990. Most of my family now live in Newton/Wichita area. Jorja, my LD, was born in Augusta, KS.

We got Jorja when my son was still in Iraq. He is in the Marines. His image of how my puppy was conceived really bothered him. I told him that he had bigger things to worry about in Iraq than how my puppy came to be. :eek: My son is back from Iraq and home now on leave for two weeks and has fallen in love with her. I was so excited for him to meet her.

I bet you are cherishing these 2 wks with your son. I have a son-in-law in the Air Force that just got back from Iraq, they live in Idaho and are getting ready to leave for Germany in August. I'm glad he got to meet Jorja, no doubt he'd fall in love with her :wink: They just have that way about them.

I am only an hour and a half from Wichita and go there quite often to do shopping. We live in a very small town that is an hour away from the nearest Wal-Mart so driving to Wichita to do shopping is nothing for us.

If you happen to be visiting relatives next Saturday, April 29th, we'd love for you to come to our Doodle Romp!! If you have family here that would love to learn more about Doodles, please tell them about our romp, they would be more than welcome :) All the info is on my website.

Take care and wishing your son a very safe tour of duty :)
I like that term people pleasers. I think it really describes the Doodle personality I've seen. Its really nothing I can put my finger on but never a walk goes by without someone commenting (positively) on Chester.

On an additional note, you moms with sons. daughters, in-laws---whatever, with kids in Iraq and Afghanistan are heros in my eyes. I read some where that having a child is like having a piece of your heart walking around outside of your body...I cannot imagine what you must go through day after day. Thanks for letting us borrow your kids.
Thank you for the invitation, Di, to the Doodle Romp. I wonder if there is something like that around where I live. Probably is. Since my Border Collie, Anna, isn't all that nice to Jorja, she doesn't think dogs are nice creatures. I don't want her growing up to think all dogs will nip at her. My hope is that Anna will accept her better after Jorja is out of the puppy state. I may be just dreaming though. :cry:

Hi Chesterpal,

I know what you mean. Walks take a long time because of all the people wanting to ask about my dogs. I just found out my neighbor's daughter has a little black Labradoodle! We'll have to work out getting these two together.

Thank you for the comments about our military children. I thank God every day for bringing my son home safe and sound. I know how easily I could be a Gold Star mom instead of a Blue Star mom. My Marine son just returned from his 2nd deployment in Iraq. This last deployment was a little easier for his dad and I but still a constant worry. The first deployment had him smack dab in the middle of Fallujah in November of 2004. That was the hardest few weeks of my life.

My son loves dogs and it was hard for him to see all the stray dogs running around Iraq. The Iraqis don't believe in having pets so the dogs are all wild. So sad.

I'll have to post a picture of my son with our two dogs.

Marty ... girls2.jpg

My Marine and my two girls, Jorja my Doodle and Anna my Border Collie. Tyler is a Corporal in the Marine Corps. He just shaved his head again :( He looks so much better with the hair. He will be headed back to Camp Pendleton this weekend.

Bless your family...especially your son...this must be a really trying time for you all. I, personally, appreciate the sacrifice that you are making and the bravery of your son. Thank you!

About your dogs...don't worry too much about your Border Collie nipping at your pup. This is normal behavior and your BC is just trying to let your dood know who is top dog. Once they establish that, they will become great friends!
Thank you so much. All our men and women in harms way are heros to me. By my son joining the Marines really opened my eyes on what our military all does and what their families go through.

I sure hope you are right about my BC learning to like my Doodle some day. She seems more like she is tolerating the puppy and wishes she would just go away. Anna, my BC, is very much an Alpha female and has never really enjoyed other dogs. But she is getting a little better every day. So I see a glimmer of hope. 8)
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