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Introducing Gromit!

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Hi! I've been lurking for a week or so and couldn't resist answering some questions SO I thought I should maybe introduce myself and delurk fully!

My Name is Beth and (as you might have guessed) my husband is Dale. We have 4 children ages 4 -10 and we adopted a 6mo old standard F1b labradoodle last month from Jac at Back Porch Labradoodles here in CA.

We are having a great time with Gromit and are thinking that it might not be a bad idea to get another Dood sooner rather than later! Here are some pictures of Gromit in the first week that we had him home.

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Hi Beth!
Look at Gromit!! Oh, my goodness! I am slow...I was browsing your post (I always look at the avatar and any pictures before reading) and I was thinking, "Gosh, that pup looks exactly like my Amelia Jane!" and when I read that Gromit was ours I was so excited!
Thanks for joining this have now met Vicky and Copper, but check out the posts from Sharon (Rosie, from Gromits's litter) and Terry (Abby from Lexie's litter before Gromit's) because you will have two more of Gromit's siblings to get to know!
Southern CA is the home of many of our pups, gosh, our family alone could make for a great doodle romp...but it would be fun to have you up here to meet some of the northern CA doods...maybe next time, they have them often!
Thanks for posting!
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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