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In over my head!

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Well an attempt to defend our furry friends I've gotten myself into one heck of a doggy debate. I'm getting my butt kicked hahah
But I will fight the good fight!
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Right on! I just read the whole post... you're standing up for yourself quite well! I love your line about that woman training her golden to retrieve waterfowl! LOL. Let's not forget that these dogs were bred with a purpose... to be service dogs for people with allergies. And it kills me when they ask why the breeders are breeding them! Because they're a great mix! Not every purebred dog breeder is breeding dogs to "improve the breed". I'm proud of you!

Bridget and Summer
Holy cow! What a bunch of self righteous, opinionated, and just plain rude people! I don't think I would hang out around that board any longer! You would NEVER see that kind of stuff on our board! Even when we may not agree with what someone may post, we have a respectful group of people here that are very careful not to offend others. That's why I like it here!! Tina, you were doing great defending our doodles!!
You're doing great...however I couldn't read the whole post because I think I pulled a muscle in my eyes from rolling them so many times regarding some of their responses!
Yeah I think I pulled a muscle in my brain trying to understand how they preach at us for having a new breed<----YES new breed! When,if you look at the health forums it's all about "my purebred has his genetic problem, how do I fix it?!" look at our health forums. "He ate something weird, and puked" little different.
They also don't understand what a debate is, they get personal.
So sad.
Whew! I thought my maltese forum was rough. :lol:
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