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I'm pretty sure Sadie has a UTI :o(

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Last night we left her (crated) for 2.5 hours and when we came home she had peed in her crate. VERY unusual! I took her for a walk last night and she kept squatting, like 6 times in 10 minutes and just a few drops came out each time. The initial time was a normal pee. I *thought* she was constipated and kept squatting to try to poop.

Then, today, besides following me everywhere I go...she's "leaked" at least four times. Again, VERY unusual. In addition to that, she's needing to go out to pee way more.

I can't imagine what this could be other than a UTI. Any ideas?? I'm mixing Apple Cider Vinegar in with her food to see if that helps. Some claim it's a miracle cure in two days or less. My vet isn't in on the weekend. Anything else I can do until Monday??? :(
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If its a UTI she needs meds asap.

peanut had one and i bought the Cranberry Tablets to give her that night until we got meds the next morning. They cannot overdose on cranberrry tablets but they can get in much pain with urinating.
AND if i'ts a UTI expect to walk your doodle alot and a few accidents may happen in the house too.

OH i held a tin pie pan under Peanut to get a sample and then poured it into a bottle to bring in to the vet to test.
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