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We started out with littermates and they are certainly twice the joy and love but also twice the work...I wouldn't change a thing, though.
What I would suggest is that you separate them for training and that the first thing you work on is making them pay attention to you and to acknowledge you when you say their names.
This can be as simple as giving a treat every time they look at you...and every time they respond when you say or whisper their name.
Remember that they will do most things for rewards and you have to make the reward for responding grater than the reward of ignoring you. (Meaning that if they are playing and ignoring you, they are happy with the result...but if you give them a better reward for paying attention to you...that might trump the fun.)
Also...hold the treat to your nose so that they will look at you.
Another great way to train dogs is to tether them to you...that way they have to look to you for cues...when you get up to walk away, they have to go with they will watch.
But, I will have a tough time of trainign them if you don't get them used to separate times.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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