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Im a dog lover, travel lover, life lover haha and I enjoy sharing my trips with my buddies (a black lab of 1 year old and a retriever 6 years old).
I've learned many thing while traveling and here are some tips I'd like to share with you:

Pet-friendly hotels.
There are many hotels in the world that allow pets in your room(for free or for an extra charge). You can book for accommodation at websites like Booking just making a "pet-friendly" filter when searching or at sites like Pet-Friendly Hotels in the USA

Leash and collar every time.
Your dog needs always to be controlled and safe, you must be carrying its leash and collar during the whole trip and an ID tag would be a great option too.

Pet-friendly transportation services.
If you're flying or you didn't bring your own car and you want to go around with your dog and move to a point from another ask for a private transportation service that allows pets on board. I think Uber doesn't offer that service but I've used and there wasn't any problem.

Visit your dog's vet before traveling.
He will check your dog before the adventure and also tell you some recommendations and preventive medications you should consider. A health certificate is often required while traveling.

Favorite Toy, blanket or treats.
Everybody get anxious or nervous before a travel and even during it, yes, even doggies. Bringing your dog's favorite stuff will make it feel safer and calmed.

Enjoy your dogs, enjoy your trips with them!
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