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IAMS Dog food- animal testing?

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I have been feeding 13 week old Sofie IAMS large breed puppy food. I told a friend this and he asked if I heard about the inhumane experimental testing IAMS has been doing on puppies/dogs. He said there is some video out there showing this inhumane treatment. Has anyone heard of this or could this be a rumour gone wild. I will discontinue if true! Thanks!
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Just a little input here. I used to live in a small town close to where the Iams factory used to be and I can tell you that the locals keep pretty close tabs on the Iams animals. I can't speak for Proctor and Gamble, the people who bought them out a few years back, but I'm thinking that they are probably even more "under the microscope" that a small private company would be, since they are a big corporation. I know that P&G are very social minded, so it wouldn't surprise me that the ASPCA are involved.
And another tidbit, compeditors are probably the best watch dogs on each other, ready to go to press with anything real or imagined to put the other in a bad light to consumers. Be carefull what you read and believe. That's all from this soapbox! :)
I don't believe it.

Stupid crap made up to try and diminish their market share.

I feed Milo the large breed puppy food (one of the only brands to have large breed available) and the active maturity to Bailey and have absolutely no problems
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