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I need reassurance.

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As some of you know, Molly is recovering from her spay surgery on Thursday. The vet said no walks, even, let alone any other exercise or play. Well, this is a 6-month old pup, and I cannot convince this dog to remain calm. She's on pain meds and obviously feeling loopy, because she seems to be more excitable than usual. I have three kids (2, 4, and 6) and the only way to keep them all from getting her riled up is to confine her. She can't fit in her kennel with her collar on (and taking it off is not an option-- she's too obsessed with the incision), so I've been putting her in the laundry "room." (It's really more of a closet.) Since the laundry room is adjoining the family room, I thought I'd try using the baby gate there, but she just wants to jump over it. She's spent the last two days in there, door closed, with the exception of our brief bathroom breaks outside, and a couple of hour-long naps on the floor with me. I feel terrible, but I don't know what else I can do with her. As soon as I let her out, she's trying to wrestle with the kids or run laps around the house. Any suggestions? I'd like to know that I'm not an awful mom for failing to find another way to keep her from being too active. She has not complained much at all, which makes me think that maybe she needs the rest, but I can't help feeling bad. It's contrary to what I was anticipating. I don't know why I thought she'd be content to lounge around while she was recovering. She's so NOT willing to chill out. What did everyone else do during this period?
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dogs are great that way, they don't hold things against you!

when maggie got spayed, that lovely E-Collar stayed on her for oh about 20 minutes, before she figured out how to get it off and she chewed on it. believe me, it was on tight! she hated that thing. but since Molly is obsessed with licking, you probalby should keep it on, OR, a vet once told me when maggie had an open wound on her tummy (near her spay incision) to put a t-shirt on her that is tight enough that she'd have to work to get it out of the way to lick her wound. you might try that?

as for keeping her calm, just do your best. it is hard, we had 3 boys, too, and Maggie just loves to run and play with them. if they stay calm, chances are the dog will too.

i know it is hard to keep them kenneled up, we just had to do it for 2 days when Maggie had poop all over her fur (the groomer cleaned it off now) but dogs don't have long memories, so don't feel too guilty!

hang in there!
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