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I laugh every day!!

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My doods are a source of joy everyday!! I just took the threesome out for a potty break. I got cold, Rumor came in with me.....Jonah wanted to come in, but was hesitant. He comes in, I call Miko, she won't come. I do what always works, turn the outside lights off....wait a couple of minutes, she doesn't come. I hear her tearing around the yard, so I go out again. She has something in her mouth and running round like a crazy fool. It's dark in my yard and I can't see what she's got so I kneel down and sweet talk her, she zooms round and round me making me a little dizzy. After ten minutes of this I say to heck with it and go inside, turn off the lights.....still no Miko, but I can hear her still zooming in the yard. So, I take the boys out and they help with the chase. We corner her in the yard, I get close, she takes off, finally dropping the object. This is in the darkest corner of the yard. I reach down, dreading that it may be a dead animal, or God forbid, a poopsicle. I'm wearing gloves, I pick it up, walk to the light.......IT'S THE NYLON NET POT SCRUBBER FROM THE KITCHEN THAT JONAH STOLE FROM THE SINK!!! :shock: This is how it works......Jonah steals things from the counter and Miko gets them......what a team! Here I was worried she had something bad. Now I can't stop laughing. These doodles are crazy!! :wink: :lol:
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Great story, too bad you can get to scrub the pots and pans!!! :eek: :D Our doodles do keep life interesting!! That air Kong looks pretty cool. May have to try that!!!
Earlier in the day, she had this outside, swinging it and banging herself in the head for about 10 minutes....I'm surprised she doesn't have brain damage!
Ya mean like this??

It was another good day for burning all his energy, or at least some of it.


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annie g
looks like a great hill for doodles to run up and down on
It is good work out for doodles and their owners. Good thing there is a bench at the top!! Used by alot of sledders.
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