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I laugh every day!!

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My doods are a source of joy everyday!! I just took the threesome out for a potty break. I got cold, Rumor came in with me.....Jonah wanted to come in, but was hesitant. He comes in, I call Miko, she won't come. I do what always works, turn the outside lights off....wait a couple of minutes, she doesn't come. I hear her tearing around the yard, so I go out again. She has something in her mouth and running round like a crazy fool. It's dark in my yard and I can't see what she's got so I kneel down and sweet talk her, she zooms round and round me making me a little dizzy. After ten minutes of this I say to heck with it and go inside, turn off the lights.....still no Miko, but I can hear her still zooming in the yard. So, I take the boys out and they help with the chase. We corner her in the yard, I get close, she takes off, finally dropping the object. This is in the darkest corner of the yard. I reach down, dreading that it may be a dead animal, or God forbid, a poopsicle. I'm wearing gloves, I pick it up, walk to the light.......IT'S THE NYLON NET POT SCRUBBER FROM THE KITCHEN THAT JONAH STOLE FROM THE SINK!!! :shock: This is how it works......Jonah steals things from the counter and Miko gets them......what a team! Here I was worried she had something bad. Now I can't stop laughing. These doodles are crazy!! :wink: :lol:
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I like that "I do what always works..." except for this time!

Glad it wasn't a dead animal anyway.

Thanks for the chuckle!
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