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I know, I know, another question about shedding...

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Hi there,

I posted a question on a topic below, "What is blowing the puppy coat?", but didn't receive a response, so I'll ask again as a new topic. Alice is about 8-9 months old and has been shedding like crazy! A few months ago, you could rub up against her in black pants with no hair attaching...but the last couple of months it has been relentless. My questions are, "Do even those considered non-shedders 'blow their puppy coats', or do they never go through that?" "And is this a sign that she will be a shedder or do you not know until they reach a certain age?" She went for a while without doing it, so I don't know if this is just a stage. But we sure are enjoying her! Sweet, goofy, and crazy all wrapped up into a wonderful dog! :D

I'll try to post some cute pictures that our boarder took over the holidays of her....

Jan Thompson
Woodland Hills, CA 8)
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Hi Jan, I apologize, I missed your other post somehow.

I am not sure that I have any answers for you, except to say that some Labradoodles will always shed, some will shed until they are about a year old (when they blow their puppy coat...although the coat makes many changes in between then too) and some don't shed much at all.

If your puppy is an F1, then you will be guessing for quite some time. F1Bs and higher are more predictable, but not always...I had one throw-back in my F1B litter and he looked just like a Lab and he did shed a lot when he was tiny...although I noticed that his coat thickened and lengthened and stopped I don't know for sure what his coat will do.

You can't even really tell by looking at siblings or parents...every puppy is different. But, the reason that F1B and higher are more predictible is because they have more Poodle.

The difference between my F1 females and my F1B puppies' coats are texture and richness.

I wish that I could say that there is a predictible pattern for you...but there isn't. You just have to play it out and see what happens.

Brush him a lot, that should help the shedding problem.

Sorry that I can't help much...maybe someone else will have better insight on this issue. Good luck!
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Cinnamon didn't shed much until she lost her puppy coat and grew in her adult coat. She sheds more now and her coat is really dry. However, she doesn't shed like our cocker did or like her "best friend", Sarah does. I'm thinking if we finally get the dry coat whipped, she might stop shedding. I can't confirm that, though. By the way, she licks off the Tea Tree oil and loves the bitter apple spray. :?
I don't know how much help I will be because my F1 is only 10 months old, but I definitely noticed that she shed a lot when she was 8-9 months. It has slowed down quite a bit now. She still sheds a little, and she always shed a little before, but it was the worst (so far) when she was 8 months. I don't know if Alice will be the same way, but hopefully it will slow down! Good luck and keep us updated... it's interesting to see how all their coats differ!

Thanks everyone....hopefully it will slow down soon...So it is true that even the considered "non-shedding" type do go through a puppy shedding I'll just have to wait and see! She is an F-1, so I know that is unpredictable.

I'll keep you posted!

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