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Hi guys, I only have a second but I wanted to let you all know that my mom and I got our labradoodles yesterday!! The girl (Frenchy)will live with mom and the boy (Coal) came home with me. They are perfect and GORGEOUS! I am so in love with this little guy!! I'll write more later. Check out his photos in F1B labradoodles!
Darnit! I put one of his photos in the F1 album. Is there a way to take it out?
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Congratulations, Stacy! Coal is GORGEOUS! What an adorable face!
Sooooo cute!
He looks like he will have a wonderful coat!
Yay for you! Welcome to the LD world!
Congratulations.. Your Ld is adorable as heck.. Just gorgeous..
Congrats Stacy! Can't wait to hear about your children's reaction.
Ok, well now I can write a little bit.....

My daughter was terribly ill the night before my mother and I were to fly to Kansas City to get the puppies - 104 degree fever that Tylenol wouldn't bring down, bad cough, sore throat....YUCK! Anyway, my hubby took her to the Dr while I was getting Coal and thankfully Taylor just has a virus but the Dr had given her cold medicine with codeine sooooo....she was basically zonked out on the couch when we got back home. I put a huge Christmas bow on Coal with a note that read, "I hope you enjoy Coal for Christmas - Love, Santa". I put Coal on the couch with her and she opened her eyes and at first looked very freaked out (her eyesight without glasses is pretty bad). Then she whispered "A puppy!" as she doesn't have much of a voice right now either. BUT, she was very surprised and she loves him to pieces. My son is just 2 1/2 and he was very excited as well. He kept calling Coal "little fellow" which was sweet cuz we call my son that sometimes. So, it all went well.

Last night was like having a newborn baby! I think I got up every 2 hours or so with Coal. He hasn't had an accident in the house yet but I am keeping a close eye on him and only letting him play in areas with vinyl flooring for a while! No crate accidents which is good! How long does it take before they sleep through the night? I hadn't gotten a full night's sleep in days before Coal came and the last two nights have been quiet difficult because now my husband has the cold too and he is absolutely no help. I have 2 sick kids, a sick husband and an 8 week old puppy and I haven't had more than 5 hours sleep a night for 4 nights now! Funny I don't feel more stressed out but I know this is all temporary. Coal is just adorable and I am so excited to have him grow up in this family.

Thanks for all of your comments about our new little baby!

Coal's Mom :D
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Oh my....that's quite a holiday you're in for!
It only took Boone about a week to start sleeping through the night.
When I did get up to take him out to potty during the night, I'd make sure that I didn't talk to him (except the secret word "potty" while he was going), or play at all.
It was pee, poop, back in bed. About 3 mins to do it all.
Stacy, when you were telling about your daughter waking up to Coal...I got tears in my eyes...what a beautiful gift. She will remember this forever! And your adorable is that? "Little fellow"...tooo cute!
I agree with Tinaweena, whenever you take him out to potty, make it potty only. Then once finished, he can run around and play, but at night he needs to go right back to bed. My dogs learned "nite, nite" and when I tell them, they run to their sleeping place.
Sounds like you will have a pretty easy time of training Coal!
I hope that everyone in your family gets well soon, and that you don't catch it!
Congratulations again.
Ok guys, I couldn't resist and I started my own album. I took a million pics of Coal today. I think this could become an addiction :oops: !!

He's doing great. When y'all were house breaking, where did your pups spend most of their day? It's nice here in Phoenix and so we could just spend loads of time outside but when we are inside, where should Coal be? I just bought a plastic gate -like pen thingie today and I was thinking about putting it in the kitchen. This way he's contained yet he has more space than in the crate and if (when?!) he has an accident, I can easily clean it up. What did you guys do???
Coal's Mom
Stacy, How old is he? Hopefully, this will be your last sleepless night. Gunner woke up every two hours for the first two nights. The third night he woke at three and I let him whine for a minute (I didn't want getting up to become a habit). When I woke at 6:30 am I was surprised that we both fell back asleep. He will be sleeping through the night in no time. In the long run, you will probably be so glad you are getting through the sleepless nights before Christmas. Hope everyone gets well soon!
Coal is 8 weeks old. I figure he will start to sleep for longer intervals but I hope it comes soon. Does anyone know how much sleep a puppy needs during the day? I see him resting and I think that if he sleeps too much during the day he won't sleep well at night. I guess though that they are just like human babies and need lots of naps. I suppose I will have this all figured out in a week or so. Right now I feel like I know nothing and I'm just trying to do the best I can. I've read books and the forum but for some reason it still seems foreign when you get that little puppy of your own!
Honestly it's only for the first week or so that he will be napping so much during the day.
Every puppy I've raised (5 of them) got into the swing of the household and stopped napping, and starting following people around during the day.
As for the housebreaking thing and where they spend the day. Alot of hardcore trainers recommend that until they are housebroken they spend the day in the crate. Coming out only to eat, do their business, a short play session (20 mins) and business again...then back to the crate.
I can understand how this would really help with the housebreaking, but then what fun is it having a puppy?! They only stay so tiny and cuddly for a short time, and I say take advantage as long as you can for as many minutes as you can each day!
I basically gave Boone the run of the mainfloor (exception to the dining room with a new white rug) during the day. I paid for giving him too much freedom with a few accidents here and there, but it was too much fun to have him following me around all day to block him off somewhere.
I did however pop him in the crate for a few hours of "Tina's Sanity" time throughout the day. Also I work 8-4 monday to friday, so he's in there with a potty break halfway through the day at those times. Unless the boyfriend is home (which is often with his work). I'm a firm believer that if a puppy never has an accident in the house, he can never learn that it's wrong to go in the house. While I commend keeping on his so much that he doesn't get the chance to potty indoors, if he slips up it's a perfect opportunity to teach him that it's not ok to go indoors!
Whew sorry for being so long winded! Have fun!
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Congratulations Stacy!!! What a cutie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your story about your daughter was so heartwarming!!! :lol:

Merry Christmas!

Susie and Abbie
I had to give a big "awwwww" when I read about your kid's reactions. So cute! Hope everyone is feeling better soon and can enjoy the "little fellow".
Thanks you guys! You are all so sweet. Coal had a GREAT night last night. He went in his crate at 12AM and I didn't hear from him until 5AM! Whoohoo! I am taking him out on a leash to potty and then giving him a tiny treat when he has done his business. Well, he's pretty smart because he already knows that he is gonna get a treat and when he's done he looks at me like, "OK, I did it, where's the good stuff!". I am kind of feeling bad though because I have a million things I need to get done now and he is just having to hang out in this pen I put up in the kitchen. Normally this wouldn't be a problem because everyone else could be interacting with him but they are all sick. I think I will wrap Christmas gifts outside today so he can run and play in the yard! Yes, here in AZ we can sit outside at the end of December (usually in short sleeves) and do things like wrap Christmas presents. Kind of weird when you come from NJ and are used to white Christmas's but I am not complaining!
Coal's Mom :D
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Hi Stacy and congratulations to you and your Mom :) Puppies can't be expected to hold their bladders thru the night until around 3 months of age. They will start holding it longer and longer as they get older but their little bladders just aren't mature enough at 8 wks old, so hang in there. Puppies do sleep a lot, just like human babies. Play for 15 minutes nap for an hour. Whenever you can't watch Coal, put him in his crate so he doesn't have an accident but don't leave him in there for hours at a time. You want his crate to be a happy place. Start by leaving the crate door open and letting him explore it on his own and get use to it.

I hope everyone is feeling better, it's an awful time of year to be sick. Have a Merry Christmas and give Coal a big hug :wink:
So exciting! All the best to you and your many years of happiness ahead.
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