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Thanks for the answer Jac and Maureen. That is a great setup, especially for people who want a LD but don't have lots of money to pay at the outset. I was just curious. I have a six month old neutered male who is terrific! I love this site with all the wisdom and experience people have and it's great to share our love for the LD! I hate how some people think it is awful to try to make a new breed, I sometimes am hesitant to tell what kind of dog I have. Even the receptionist at my vets office commented that "Dr. is worried that there will be lots of problems with this breed". If I had a mixed breed from the shelter, they would never make that kind of comment! I can't believe that intelligent people do not realize that all breeds developed as a result of mixed breeding. Do they really think that we have to stop only at the "breeds" we have now? The vet did say that my pup seemed like a very nice dog.
1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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