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I got a new doodle boy!!

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hey everybody we got our parti-factored f1 boy this week!!
Here's "Keenan" - so don't be shy and introduce yourself!

This guy came from a chocolate/white parti poodle mom and a Labador sire who has PHANTOM markings!

his personality is as sweet as you could ever want, even at 4mos old!

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THANK YOU!!! and hopefully you can meet Keenan at our next doodle romp! I guess you might want to wait on Caesar's coming til July at 4mos. right? But I'm going to ask Susan to bring Keenan for sure.
He is a beauty are you keeping him at your place or in a guardian home?
thanks Linda...he's staying in a guardian home since we're full-up at our house. But he has bonded so beautifully with his guardian owner so we're all really thrilled at how this has worked out.
What a handsome fella :) He will make a fine addition to your breeding program. Can't wait to see what he will throw :wink:
Speakin of throwing...

I was just thinkin that if Bandit and whatever girlfriend he has throw an solid creme we could name it "Ivory"...

stay with me here...

Then Sheeba and a parti thrown dood could name it "Wayans"

hold on....

wait for it....

not yet.................

Then put the three together and we would have:

"Keenan Ivory Wayans."
:eek: 8) :p :D :shock:
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What a beauty! I love the chocolates but my husband insisted on a light color because of potential shedding and our carpets -- and I do adore our boy! . . . I don't see why Brown Trout would not let me submit--they have no idea that I'm only a kinda' professional photographer. It's about whether they are looking for Labradoodle photos . . . They will let me know.
Diane (and Dakota)
Maureen!!! I didn't know you had him! Yippee!! Congratulations...he is gorgeous! Wow...I know how you have waited for this moment...I am so happy for you!

(Keith ... you are funny! LOL)
Jac it gets even better! the LABRADOODLE RANCH is expanding for the next generation! :D

We are getting our chocolate miniature in a guardian home with a dear friend.... for future miniature f1b's! And a doodle friend and client is getting one themselves, so they have offered to bring our baby to us!
Maureen! How wonderful! You deserve this...I am so happy for you and for the love that these dogs/puppies will find in your home! Please keep me posted.
He's absolutely gorgeous. I never heard of guardian homes before. How does that work?
hey Kim,
it's pretty simple, and it seems like a win/win from what I can tell:
the breeder "owns" the dog on paper, but he/she lives with his permanent family. All vet bills for maintenance, and preparation for breeding are covered by the breeder and the guardian family gets a true "pick of the litter" that is of the quality a breeder wants to use. Then the breeding dog goes to the breeder's home and care for the necessary times. Of course that would vary with gender.

there's a breeder who has worded the whole thing really succinctly... I should ask permission to use her stuff, cuz she has a webpage that lists it all so well. :D
Kim...a guardian home is one where we (breeders) select a puppy to keep or buy for our breeding program, but we don't have the room/facilities to own another dog. So, we find a good home, usually nearby or within a reasonable distance, and work with that family...the family raises the puppy as their own, with lots of love and training. The breeder actually retains ownership (for a while) and the breeder pays for expenses...I would pay for all vet bills and medical testing necessary...the family pays for the food/toys/training, as they would their own dog.
The puppy is tested and if it passes all the tests, it becomes part of the breeding program and when it is old enough, is bred to another dog. Females usually go to the breeder's home to be bred and to whelp, but not always, and they are returned to the guardian home after they wean the puppies...male dogs usually have their sperm frozen or the female in heat comes to the male (either at the guardian home or the breeders).
Anyway, once the dog is retired (usually at a fairly young age), or if it doesn't pass testing, it is spayed/neutered (paid for by the breeder) and the dog then becomes the property of the guardian family.
The benefit to the breeder is obvious...the benefit to the family is that they have a great dog as a family pet, free of charge...and have major medical expenses paid for...for at least 2-4 years.
I notice that you are in CA...if you are interested, please let me know and we can discuss the possibility.
I currently have a beautiful Labradoodle male that I want to keep...and I am considering buying other we have some options...if you know of any good families that may be interested, please send them my way!
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Thanks for the answer Jac and Maureen. That is a great setup, especially for people who want a LD but don't have lots of money to pay at the outset. I was just curious. I have a six month old neutered male who is terrific! I love this site with all the wisdom and experience people have and it's great to share our love for the LD! I hate how some people think it is awful to try to make a new breed, I sometimes am hesitant to tell what kind of dog I have. Even the receptionist at my vets office commented that "Dr. is worried that there will be lots of problems with this breed". If I had a mixed breed from the shelter, they would never make that kind of comment! I can't believe that intelligent people do not realize that all breeds developed as a result of mixed breeding. Do they really think that we have to stop only at the "breeds" we have now? The vet did say that my pup seemed like a very nice dog.
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Maureen,are there any good sites with pics of partifactor doodles...Ive seen some beautiful ones of puppies , however curious what they look like grown ?? I would love to see a pic of a grown black and white baby ...
hey Jackie, one of the first breeders of parti doodles is Bonita Henry, of Bad Company Labradoodles and Nancy, of has had some too.

Hope that helps! And I hope I'm there next year, for sure! :wink:
Thanks Maureen, I enjoyed seeing the grown dogs at the Bad company site...Two Labradooles are my limit but those parti-factor dogs are beautiful...I really liked the one named "Steve".
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