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I came hope to an escaped Doodle today

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I am not sure how but Hershey pulled a Houdini today. She was at the door waiting and wagging when I opened the door today. Gus was still crated, but he must have thrown a fit because his bottom tray was out the front. I am now going to search the house for damage, but on first glance everything is ok. whew.
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I'm getting a picture of you going through each room, one at a time, with a big wince on your face followed by a "whew"... :p
Oh, whew! When I read this title, I imagined that your dog had escaped to the outside! That is the most frightening thing for me! I am so glad it was an in home escape! Good luck with the damage patrol!
Whew! That is great.
OMG I thought it was an outdoors escape - glad things seem to be ok and Hershey is ok, I bet Gus was thoroughly ticked off that Hershey was "free" and he wasn't :wink:
Thankfully it was an in house escape. Hershey just finished her messy part of her heat, who know what would happen outside!! Well, i guess we do know :lol: . Full check of the house, everything is ok.
these doodles sure are smart......and glad to hear damage control is zero
I, too, thought you meant an outdoor escape!! I HATE a doodle on the loose.....they are so fast and seem to love the escape....(Coco got out the back gate once....fortunately, she came zooming back to me....something I cannot count on her to always do....) I was terrified until I had her securely back in the yard.

So glad you had no damage done....that's worth a treat!
awwh...haha...maybe Hershey was trying to convince you she's ready for more freedom :wink: [/code]
Me too! Thought the dood had run away! :shock:
Glad you have it all under control.....and YES! They're SMART little buggers!
They are just too darn smart! Glad Dog and Domain were okay!

A couple weeks ago Marc had Ebbe out with only her training collar on.
She was feelin' frisky and somehow managed to open the jaws of the training collar with her teeth! :shock:

Yes ... she bolted ... luckily they were not on the main drag by our house, but she would not come back to him when called.
In an inspired moment, Marc simply laid down on the ground! :roll: Curiosity got the best of her and she came over to see what was going on.

He got her and they went home .... AUGH! Save us from Smart Doodles!
wow that's scary Mary - I'm glad it turned out ok.

In an inspired moment, Marc simply laid down on the ground! Curiosity got the best of her and she came over to see what was going on.
Dexter gets SO excited if I lay on the ground...he licks me to death :)
Great story with a great ending!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Denver's leash broke when he was younger
and I knew his recall then was nil so I too sat on
the sidewalk and pretended to cry and he came
running back to me...................whew!!!!!!!!!!!
The one and only other time Coco got off the leash,
was while walking from way out in the parking lot
into the PetSmart store. She had a training collar on,
that must not have been hooked right, because it fell off
with the leash on it and she took off......
running wildly in the parking lot, cars coming every which way!!
I FREAKED!! The gals from the store came out
with treats trying to get her to come to them....
but she is TOO SMART FOR THAT!! She was scared and having
fun at the same time....I finally decided to just walk in to the store
with GREAT DETERMINATION and told her I was going in now.
She followed me inside and then we had to catch her in there!
( at least, the danger of the cars was gone!
I was relieved to find that she didn't disturb anything!!!)

Needless to say, I was TERRIFIED and very thankful to all
who helped to get her.....Now I double check the collar and leashes
to be sure nothing is wrong with them.

We are also working on off leash "COME! " :shock:
Abby always comes ..... :)
Coco has to weigh her options....GEESH! :evil:
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