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One night two weeks ago, my boyfriend and I noticed that Hyde would not put any weight what so ever on his back left leg. The next morning he was no better so i took him into work with me at the animal hospital. When we touched one of his toes he would cry, so we took x rays. You couldnt really see anything on the x rays, but Hyde was obviously in pain. The doctor said to give him Metacam and to see if he starts putting weight on it in the next couple days, if not we would have to splint his leg.

2 days passed and he still didnt put any weight on his foot, so i brought him into work agian, and when the tech went to walk him, he was putting some weight on his foot, so he didnt see the doctor, everyday he seemed to improve but he hasnt gotten better, and for the last couple days he keeps holding it up agian, though not all the time.

What could be wrong?He doesnt have break or fracture, i checked his paws to make sure nothing was stuck in there.

I'll take him back to the doctor but I wish i knew what was wrong.

Hyde used to limp before but nothing like this. He would limp after going to the dog park or after any type of exercise, but it was always for a short period of time and he never held his leg up like this, and it always went away the next day.

Anyone else experiance anything like this with their labradoodle?

I feel bad b/c i cant take him anywhere, no walks , no hikes, no ball, poor Hyde.
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