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After Hyde gets walked or after a trip to the dog park, i have noticed that he will start limping later that night. But the next day he is fine. I took him to the vet the first time i noticed the limping and they took x rays and all was fine. The Vet thought maybe he just tweeked his foot and just need to walk it off. Now everytime he gets any form of exercise he limps, he is 11 months old and i dont do any forced exercising with him. I just take him on walks and to the dog park or to play at my friends house, and everytime he limps after, sometimes the limp is hardly noticable, sometimes it is really bad. But he is always fine the next day. Any ideas on what this could be? I feel bad for him, and he shouldnt be limping at all. He is still young and needs to get his energy out, but it seems that he cant do anything but play in my yard. This isnt normal is it? All my other dogs had the same type of exercise Hyde has at this age and none of them every limped from it.

When we walk, we go out for an hour, and when we go the the dog park we go for 2 hours. I dont force him to do anything he doesnt want to do. He loves chasing balls and chasing and playing with other dogs, I just feel so bad for him when i see him later on limping. The other day it was so bad it looked likie he didnt want to move. It also always seems to be one of the front legs that he is limping on.

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