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hunting labradoodles

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Anyone know of anybody hunting with labradoodles, either birds or small game? Im interested in these curious creatures and hunting would be an added bonus!

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"While Labs and poodles were both originally bred for hunting, the labradoodle breeders probably don't use good hunting dogs as their breeding stock. So go with a pure Lab.

Errrr....My F1 LD has 32 champions in her 6 gen pedigree, 26 of them Labs, mainly field champions...
Super duper in the water, one heck of a nose...but we don't hunt.
One thing I have to add here is that English labs are much more mellow...
Field Labs tend to be a bit more hyper, but the trade off is they tend to be much more intelligent than the English.
I bred my girl to a super mellow poodle line & got the most incredible pups!
Beautiful dogs!
Beautiful Doodle!!!:grin:
I would look for a Labradoodle with Field Lab lines....with field champions, even better!
1 - 4 of 54 Posts
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