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hunting labradoodles

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Anyone know of anybody hunting with labradoodles, either birds or small game? Im interested in these curious creatures and hunting would be an added bonus!

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I've had a few of my pups sell to be trained for hunting. The guys that have them seem very pleased with them! One told of how his fellow hunters stared and wisecracked about him showing up with a Labradoodle until they saw the dog actually working, at which time they were quite impressed.
My Dazy is a pointing lab, which of course gets noticed when I have hunters here looking at pups, but the 2 I get the feedback on both came out of an English lab dam that I didn't see any signs of hunting instinct in.
I know next to nothing about hunting with dogs, but love watching the guys testing the pups for those instincts when they are here.
1 - 1 of 54 Posts
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