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How's the weather?

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I've been thinking about Mary (AKA Foodlady)- you snowed under yet?

Everyone else OK with all the snow east & bad storms in FL?

And who in Arkansas asked for snow?? Get any?

We had a surprise 2 inches of snow yesterday, but nothing like what's going on "back home". My Mom had an ice storm on Wed, then is being dumped on with blizzard warnings this weekend. What a mess!

I'm thinking about all of you! Be careful out there!
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It's been in the fifties most of this week, but it's turning colder for Sunday. We've had high winds and pelting rain off and on the last few days. Wednesday morning the electricity went off at 2:45. Thank heavens we recently acquired a generator. It's loud but we have lights and water now. We heat with a wood stove and our kitchen stove is gas, so we stay warm and can cook, but we have a well and without electricity the pump doesn't work, so toilets become a problem. This time the power came back on at 7 a.m. so it wasn't a big deal, but where we live it can stay off for most of a day or two when it goes. We have friends who got a generator after being without power for five days. The electric company thought they'd gotten to them already!

Our soil is so sandy that we don't get mud, but Chouette loves to frolic in the puddles in the roadway when we go for our walks.

At least signs of spring are appearing. Crocuses are up and my miniature daffodils are about to bloom. Pussy willows have been out for a few weeks now, and the yard is greening up, slowly but surely.

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