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How's the weather?

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I've been thinking about Mary (AKA Foodlady)- you snowed under yet?

Everyone else OK with all the snow east & bad storms in FL?

And who in Arkansas asked for snow?? Get any?

We had a surprise 2 inches of snow yesterday, but nothing like what's going on "back home". My Mom had an ice storm on Wed, then is being dumped on with blizzard warnings this weekend. What a mess!

I'm thinking about all of you! Be careful out there!
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We had some light rain showers this AM...expecting more off and on for a week. Hundreds of inches of snow still in the mountains..just where we want it to stay.

Our yard is muddy mucky mess. Nothing starting to grow for a few more weeks.

Sounds like you easterners got the bad weather this time...Stay safe and warm :wink:
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