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How's the weather?

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I've been thinking about Mary (AKA Foodlady)- you snowed under yet?

Everyone else OK with all the snow east & bad storms in FL?

And who in Arkansas asked for snow?? Get any?

We had a surprise 2 inches of snow yesterday, but nothing like what's going on "back home". My Mom had an ice storm on Wed, then is being dumped on with blizzard warnings this weekend. What a mess!

I'm thinking about all of you! Be careful out there!
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Becky...i think gene prefers bully sticks over kibble :shock: :lol: 8) 8) 8)

We had 6" of snow yesterday and today we had freezing rain so the roads are very slippery and some snow drifting here and there so it looks like more snow fell than 6"

hot chocolate and baked pretzels along with chip and dip
well i don't mind staying inside :wink:
GREG between Buffalo NY and here in Rochester well i had my fair share of shoveling....SNOW THROWER/BLOWER is now a pleasure hhahahaa
I NO longer shovel UH UH my herniated disks also encourage me to watch DAVE outside and have hot chocolate ready for him when he comes in.

we gove over a foot of snow total along with freezing rain and winds yesterday
HOWEVER the temp today is now up to 34 degrees and VERY SUNNY
which means partial meltdown
and they're saying rain later in the week now
1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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