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What's a post without a picture? :)

As I've been browsing throught this board, I've come across several posts from people mentioning that they don't know how to post an image, so...

WELCOME To Cleo and Ray's Image posting Tutorial!

It's rather easy.

Firstly, you need to host the image you wish to post somewhere.
I use because it is free and also provides the code for me to easily copy and paste, instead of typing it all out.

No matter where you are hosting your images, simply type the following:

and you are done! Voila!!
I hope this helps and is not just a useless post. :)

Happy posting!

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Not a useless post :!: Some of us are not computer savy :(

I'm still waiting to get my doodle, but when I do expect plenty of pictures :D

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Hmm, this is how mine looks. The only thing I see different, between your language and mine is that after .jpg mine goes right to [/IMG]

I kept the disable bbcode checked. Also, my html option is off when the picture shows up.
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