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40 to 45 years old?

  • 45 to hmmm 49??

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  • 50 and going over the hill next year?

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  • too OLD to remember

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  • he's still a OVERGROWN KID

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HOW OLD WILL Jonah's daddy be Aug 6th?

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OK Jonah and Miko's daddy
----> GENE <----has a birthday on Aug 6th :wink: but i won't tell the year ...we'll let Gene do that. :mrgreen:




who's almost an old fart? :wink: ( yes that's a hint)
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Happy Happy Day Gene ... I'm guessing the year under 5-0. However if you are .....

!!!!!!WELCOME TO THE CLUB!!!!!!!

Extra Woofs and Licks from ME!!!!
It's YOUR day Gene .... Do whatever you want! How were the steaks? Any left for you? :lol:
Nothin' but a number ....
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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