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40 to 45 years old?

  • 45 to hmmm 49??

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  • 50 and going over the hill next year?

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  • too OLD to remember

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  • he's still a OVERGROWN KID

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HOW OLD WILL Jonah's daddy be Aug 6th?

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OK Jonah and Miko's daddy
----> GENE <----has a birthday on Aug 6th :wink: but i won't tell the year ...we'll let Gene do that. :mrgreen:




who's almost an old fart? :wink: ( yes that's a hint)
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Next year is 50! This year just a scant 49 and feeling it!!

Thank you all so much!! I have the day off...except for a meeting. I plan to spend a quiet day with the doods and having myself a nice steak on the grill!! :wink:
What's that smell??? Oh,'s me the old fart! :oops:

I have zero energy today so I'm not answering the phone and I plan on sleeping most of this rainy humid Ohio day! :wink:
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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