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Hey everyone!!

We just became the proud owners of our second doodle. My first doodle is a standard F1 cream, named Yeti- he's 7 years old. Our newest pup is a chocolate standard F1 Labradoodle, named Rip. I've attached some photos. I picked up the puppy on Saturday from the same breeder I got my first dog from. Rip seems much more immature than Yeti was at his age of almost 8 weeks old. His birth date was 7/29/21. I took him to the vet today for his first puppy check (healthy!), however the vet thinks he's closer to 5 weeks old. To me, it makes sense that he's younger than what I initially thought, based on his actions/ day-to-day mannerisms and development. He's just starting to engage with toys, his front nipper teeth are just coming in, eyes are still very blue, just now getting stronger with walking. There was a lot of whining and puppy noises over his first couple of days. He was on par with the rest in the litter and not lagging behind them. He's 6.4lbs. I've started him back on some puppy formula as he was having belly troubles with 100% wet puppy chow, per vet recommendation. I DID receive photos of the litter on 8/30/21. I have attached that photo as well. My husband went to see the puppies on 9/6 and they were still piling in a laundry basket at that point.
Thankfully he's in a good home with an older brother where he will receive the love and attention he needs.
What do you guys think? How do I handle this situation with the breeder or do I? The breeder is AKC certified and both of his parents are registered.

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