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Hello all! We just successfully transitioned Amanda (4 months) to Wellness. When I was checking out their website today, I found their feeding guidelines chart.

Weight of Dog Dry Diet Combination Diet
in Lbs Cups per day Dry Cups Plus Wet Can
3-17 ¼ - 1 or ¼ + ¼
18-23 1- 1 ¼ ¾ + ¼
24-45 1 ¼- 2 1 ¼ + ¼
46-65 2 - 2 ½ 2 + ¼
66-85 2 ½ - 3 2 ½ + ¼
86-105 3 - 3 ½ 3 + ½
106-125 3 ½ - 4 3 ½ + ½

I had been feeding her 1 1/2 cups two times a day of her Purina food, as suggested by the vet. I dumped the 30 pounds of Wellness into a Rubbermaid so I don't have the bag handy. But do you think the feeding directions on their website (the only ones I could find) apply to puppies, as well as dogs. Amanda weighs about 32 pounds now, so according to their chart I am overfeeding her. It's the whole "puppies" versus "dogs," because most other dog foods I have seen have different feeding guidelines for puppies.

Please don't think I'm stupid!

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I dont know bout wellness sorry

but puppy food is for puppys dog food is for dogs
Puppies have specific needs

i feed Natural choice chicken meal rice and oatmeal to my puppies
it has no corn in it and they are doing great on it

So glad you got off of purina,,its not that great a puppy food

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i have a silly thought to say.

I find the feeding guidelines to be just that---guidelines.
I also go by how active my doodle is and if they keep acting hungry by stomping in their food bowl with their paws, carrying around their bowl and putting it in my lap :shock: while using their nose to nudge and then finally barking!

Also if you dog isn't showing signs of being overweight, have no worms etc, and healthy I end up going by my dog. Just like I did with my kids.
sometimes they'd eat more than ususal for a few weeks then taper off.
I have found this to be the same with puppies.

I don't dare tell you how much Max eats hahahaha you'd fall off your chair! I had 3 vets say the same thing...if he wants more then give it to him. And I do for the time being. And now peanut is the same way.

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Suggested feeding amounts could be expected to vary bwtween different manufacturers.

A food of higher quality could be expected to have better nutritrional ounce per ounce, and can sometimes require less food to provide the same nutrition.

For the time being, free choice would solve the problem unless you have a real chow hound, but dry kibble tends to sort that out. Nex time you're at the store, read the label on a new bag.

I feed Wellness Super 5 Puppy to Bella. It is such a nutritious food that they do not eat as much as the less nutritious dog foods like Purina. Here are the guidelines form the bag (cups per day):
Pounds 4 Months
3-5 1-1.5
6-10 1.25-1.75
11-20 2.25-2.75
21-30 2.5-3.5
31-40 3.5-4.5
41-60 4.5-5.5

At 5-7 months the amount needed will actually go down.
And if feeding combination wet and dry, replace 1/2 cup of dry with a 6oz can.
Bella also seemed to eat less than the recommended amounts

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Linda, thanks so much for posting the info from the bag!

When I posted this thread, I thought I was overfeeding Amanda. But now from what you posted, it seems I'm underfeeding her! (She eats quickly but is definitely on the "extra skin" side.)

She's about 32 pounds. I had been feeding 1.5 cups two times a day, but I should be feeding a half cup to a full cup more. NO wonder she loves her snacks!

Thanks again.
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