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to much exercise

I have a small F1B standard labradoodle (she was the runt) and is 18 weeks tomorrow and 15 inches tall 20.4 pounds. She has been a very picky eater so may also be why she is small. However, she has tons of energy. I take her to the dog park or beach every day and she runs for at least an hour. Plus I have to take her out for a walk again at night or she is hyper in the house. It is me who has to pull her away from the dog park or end the walk as she doesn't seem to show signs of stopping. I should add she plays with the kids all the time in the house to...she carries her ball/ toy around until she finds someone who will play chase or trow it for her and she just discovered the steps and now goes up and down them her self (which I also read wasn't good for their bone development). I am just worried after reading that I am working her to much even though she seems happy...especially as she is so tiny her siblings are twice her size since birth and still much larger.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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