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Hi Stacy,
In my opinion, you are doing the right thing. I say this because I always do the opposite and regret it.
Every person who trains tells me to keep the puppy in a crate (safe place) unless I can watch her constantly. When she is out of the crate, she sould be on leash, tied to you every minute so that you can see what she is up to and correct mistakes as they happen.
I do believe that she should get to know her surroundings and have a lot of interaction with you and the family (these dogs are very social) but the interaction should be supervised at all times until she is well trained and past the puppy stage.
This is to protect her as well as your property.
To show her around, put her on leash and let her explore (AFTER she has pottied outside!) and watch for signs of potty time.
You could enroll her into puppy kindergarten for interaction and play with other puppies, it is a great program!
So glad everything is working out well for you and Coal!
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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